Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some of my paintings up for sale...

Hey, these are some of my paintings. They are acrylic on canvas, original creations and gorgeously framed with back hinges.

(Pictures best viewed in full screen.)

"Waving Spirits"
A bright contrast between the colours brings out the theme well. It measures approximately 13.5 x 11.5 inches. The painting marks the free spirit and carefree nature of the trees and the air. Determined and living in their own world, the life in nature lives on. The black rustic frame has been chosen especially keeping the theme in mind. An original creation.

 "Violet Night"
This painting measures approx 10.75 x 9 inches. Swaying and dissipating, the clouds make everything hazy and they are the ones that make everything clear. The inspiration for this painting is the gorgeous sky that is a different mix of colours on different days. Some days blue, the other days orange, the next day pinkish, and on some rainy days, it's a gorgeous blend of deep purple and yellowish-orange. I tried to capture that feeling that I get when I see the marvelous colourful skies, with the moon hiding behind some of the clouds. An original creation.

 "Mystical Eyes"
This is my most favourite paintings of all. It uses a drip technique which I completely adore. It's a colourful play on intricacies and enigma. The background depicts how colourful our lives can be at times, how colourful the world can be. But the eyes see everything and there are many secrets that our eyes hide. The eyes witness everything, but don't disclose a thing. There's enigma, there's pain, there's happiness. Amidst a colourful world, we all have our blend of emotions that only we witness. It measures approximately 23 x 18.5 inches. And it is contrasted with a gorgeously textured copper frame to bring out the highlights of the painting. An original creation.

This is not my own creation. The original creation is by Amy Pearce. This is painted by me, however, from her tutorials. There's a gorgeous contrast between the autumn colours with the Birch/Aspen trees. A classy mix of colours. Supported by a spiffy, crisp frame that elevates the busy scene while not distracting from it. It measures approximately 20.5 x 16.5 inches.

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